Vinnolit is one of the leading PVC manufacturers in Europe and, worldwide, is the market and technical leader in specialty PVC.  Vinnolit produces and markets a wide range of PVC products suitable for all kinds of PVC applications, e.g. in the building & construction sector, in the automotive industry or in the medical sector. Whether the PVC is for flooring, wall covering, window profiles, pipes, rigid film, technical coatings, automotive sealants, cable sheathing or medical applications, Vinnolit is able to offer a suitable solution.


Shawnee specifically focuses on Vinnolit’s specialty PVC resins, including their complete line of paste and extender resins for use in plastisol processing (Vinnolit is the largest paste/extender resin producer in the world) and their specialty PVC resins for use in thermoplastic (suspension PVC) processes - vinyl acetate and graft copolymers, emulsion resins as process aids, and unique resins for surface modifications.