Shawnee History

Shawnee Chemical Company was founded by Terrence Hurley in 1976 as the product development arm of Unit Liner Company of Shawnee, Oklahoma. The initial focus was development of PVC sheeting for fabrication of pond and tank liners used in the collection of oil field fluids. Shawnee separated from its parent company in 1980 to explore additional end uses for the oilfield compounds and develop sales for specialized raw materials and compounds related to other aspects of PVC processing. In the late 1980’s the oilfield products were transferred to another toll producer, allowing Shawnee to strategically focus activities on the growing raw material sales business
In the 1990’s Shawnee moved to position itself as a leading specialist in the sales of PVC resins, developing an international reputation for market knowledge and expertise and aligning itself with leading domestic and offshore producers.
In the 2000’s Shawnee moved to broaden the product offering to include additives used by the PVC processors. But Shawnee did not want to become just another company offering me-to additive products. The emphasis was on finding and partnering with companies who were developing new products based on leading edge technologies and whose new product developments also focused on environmentally friendly “green” performances of today and those that are anticipated for the future.
As the PVC industry enters the 2010 decade Shawnee continues to work with current suppliers and customers to improve products and efficiencies, grow the overall market for PVC products, and develop new products that improve on and enhance processes for the future.