Shawnee Employees

Shawnee Chemical President

David Peters - President and CEO    


Dave started in the PVC industry in 1973, progressing through various sales and marketing management positions with Firestone’s PVC business and with Occidental Chemical. He joined Shawnee as Executive Vice President in 1990, and became President of Shawnee in 2006.




Shawnee Chemical Vice President

Phil Scopelitis - Vice President and CFO


Phil began in Finance in 1978, progressing through various financial management positions with a $40 billion financial institution. He joined Shawnee as Corporate Controller in 2001, and became VP & CFO of Shawnee in 2004.

Shawnee Chemical Senior Account Manager

Lucas Shaffchick - Customer Service and Sales Manager


Lucas graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2004.  Before joining Shawnee in 2011 he worked as a personnel and inventory manager for a large retail chain.

Shawnee Chemical  Account Manager

Stephen Scopelitis - Sales Manager Mid-Atlantic States

Stephen graduated from Manhattan College in 2011 with a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering.  Stephen started his career as an Intern for Bristol-Myers before stepping up to become a Research Scientist for them.  Stephen than moved on to become a Quality Engineer and a Process Engineer as his career moved forward.  Stephen joined Shawnee in 2016 as an Account Manager.
Shawnee Chemical Senior Account Manager
Paul started his career with Tenneco Chemicals as a sales trainee for PVC, paint and plastic additives in 1970 after completing a tour of duty with the US Army, he progressed through various sales and sales management positions and later in his career with the Occidential Chemical PVC business. He joined Shawnee in 2003 as an Account Manger.
Shawnee Chemical Senior Account Manager

Rich Bradley - Senior Sales Manager Northeast States


Rich began his career in Plastics in 1970 as a lab technician, before going into PVC resin sales with Stauffer Chemical in 1973. He then went on to Anzon Inc. in 1979 for 20 years before they were sold to Great Lakes Chemicals selling FR's and Polymer Stabilizers. Great Lakes became Chemtura in 2005. In August of 2007 Rich joined Shawnee as a Senior Account Manager.

Shawnee Customer Service

Shawnee Customer Service for Vinnolt, Westlake, Plasticizers and Polyflo.

Questions regarding orders, tracking, samples can be sent here.
Financial Customer Service

Shawnee Financial Customer Service


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