Business Description

Shawnee provides sales and marketing services to producers of PVC resins and additives. We work closely with the producers to improve systems, increase efficiencies, develop new products, and improve all aspects of the supply chain. We act as a marketing intelligence group to aid the producers in the development of their short and long term strategic plans.


We act as both sales agents and distributors.


For customers who buy in volumes large enough to justify purchases in full container quantities, we act as a sales agent. The customers enter the order with Shawnee, and we work with the supplier to manage all aspects of the order, including tracking, expediting, and delivery. The supplier invoices the customer, but Shawnee is a key part in the monitoring process to make sure that deliveries are made on time, paperwork is processed properly, and any developing issues are corrected before they become problems – so our suppliers and customers can spend their energies on business improvement programs and not on monitoring orders.


For smaller customers who prefer to buy in less than full container quantities, Shawnee acts as a distributor. We maintain inventories in key strategic locations, with warehouses in Canada (Toronto and Montreal), Ohio, Delaware, South Carolina (Charlotte area), and Georgia.


Shawnee’s Account Management team is strategically located to be out in the field with the customers, working to provide them with the service, market intelligence, and the technical support they demand and deserve.

Shawnee’s office support staff, located at the company headquarters in Princeton, NJ, provides full service to both the producers and the customers, including order entry, tracking, expediting, delivery, inventory management, and overseeing and supporting various aspects of the invoicing, credit, and accounting functions.